EzyForm is the smarter alternative to traditional timber formwork.  


  • EzyForm is cost effective

  • Ezyform is the solution to radius formwork

  • EzyForm has indefinite usability

  • EzyForm is light and easy to set up, dismantle and clean

  • EzyForm is impact resistant

  • EzyForm comes in hi-vis yellow for safety

  • EzyForm is 100% Australian Made


Made from PVC plastic instead of timber, EzyForm is an easier, safer and faster way of setting up the formwork, transforming the concreting industry and delivering real time benefits to concreters, customers, builders and the environment alike.

EzyForm is 100% Australian made and owned. Inspired by a hard-working concreter who thought there had to be an easier and more effective way of setting formwork, he undertook extensive research and development to produce the optimal formwork product which ticked all his mandatory boxes – safer, faster, more efficient, easier to clean, better value and more convenient.  All raw materials used to make EzyForm are also produced here in Australia.



We concreters take pride in our work – each year we literally lay the foundations for hundreds of thousands of builds around the country, both big and small.


But concreting can be backbreaking work, especially formwork. The good news is, things are about to get a whole lot easier thanks to EzyForm.  Made from PVC plastic instead of timber, EzyForm is an easier, safer and faster way of laying formwork, dramatically reducing the toll on a concreter’s body and delivering a superior concreting finish.




How is EzyForm made

Now this is the really cool part!  EzyForm is made using PVC extrusion in 5.4 metre high-vis lengths.


If you need to cut it, the good news is you can use any saw however you will be amazed at how much easier it is to cut than timber formwork.  If needed, you can also drive screws through it (recommended 50mm full threaded timber tek screw) – all the methods you use with timber formwork are the same however easier and quicker. 

What is EzyForm made from
What is PVC Plastic

PVC Plastic is Polymerizing vinyl chloride, one of the most commonly used thermoplastic polymers in the world and widely used throughout the construction industry.


It is less dependent than other polymers on non-renewable resources such crude oil and natural gas and therefore regarded as a natural resource saving plastic. 

Ezyform is formulated from a PVC plastic that won’t shatter. After years in research and development, we have produced a formula that supersedes anything currently on the market. Our PVC plastic formula composition makes the Ezyform product flexible and impact resistant.

Why is PVC Plastic Better

EzyForm is formwork made from high vis PVC plastic. The PVC plastic is lightweight making it easy to carry and set, but durable and tough enough to contain setting concrete. 

Being PVC plastic, EzyForm is incredibly flexible, allowing concreters to work around bends and corners with ease as opposed to traditional timber formwork.

EzyForm is also high-vis so that it is clearly visible when set up, preventing those all too common falls every concreter has had tripping over the timber formwork.

And best of all, EzyForm is recyclable and 100% reusable. This means you invest once and can reuse again and again, unlike traditional timber formwork which, on average, can be used 3-4 times.
































What does it cost?

$100 per 5.4 metre lengths + GST, plus freight

Where do I buy it?

Online at www.ezyforminternaltional.com.au


Can my order be customised?

Yes, you can order EzyForm in any quantity per job in (5.4) metre lengths.


How bendable is Ezyform?

We have tested it, taking it to its maximum bend. The benefit of EzyForm PVC plastic is it will return its natural shape even when stacked flat. It will bend around the end of a court bowl and the tightest corners. 


Does it provide a better quality concrete lay?

Yes, when you run tooling against it gives a smoother finish rather than catching on timber splinters.


How does it prevent injuries?

Its light weight nature makes it easy to lift and carry making it easy on the back and shoulders. Carrying a lighter load also allows you to watch where you step and maintain balance.  Being made in high-vis, it is also easier to see and helps reduce tripping on formwork. And in other great news, EzyForm completely reduces the instance of splinters! 


Ezyform also helps protect other trades who are working on site and may not be as used to the hazards of tripping on formwork.


Why is it better for the environment?

EzyForm is made from renewable and sustainable PVC plastic material that needs no replacement for many years.


Why is it more cost effective?

EzyForm is cost effective because it has a replacement factor of many years. You order once and use it over and over again without losing time waiting for a delivery of replacement formwork. If the timber you normally use splits, swells or doesn’t bend to shape, you need to buy more and ultimately end up paying for new timber and additional labour costs.


How is it recycled?

Your EzyForm will see you through indefinite usage, however if the time comes to replace it then it can simply be recycled.


How do you cut it?

EzyForm is easier to cut than traditional timber formwork.  Simply use your standard timber formwork saw but you will notice how much easier and safer EzyForm is to cut to size. 


How do you clean & maintain it?

EzyForm requires minimal cleaning. The concrete is easily removed from the plastic surface by wiping down and or pressure washing, this is crucial to its longevity.


What does it weigh?

Weighs the equivalent of a PVC downpipe which is a quarter of the weight of timber making it light and easy to carry.


Why high-vis?

Formwork can be hard to see.  EzyForm is high-vis so that concreters don’t get any nasty surprises and trip over the formwork which keeps workers safe on the job.  The high-vis formwork also means it is easier to see the outline and shape of where the concrete needs to be poured so that you get the job right the first time. 


Is it Australian made?

EzyForm is 100% Australian made and owned.  Inspired by a hard-working concreter who thought there had to be an easier and more effective way of setting formwork, Tim undertook extensive research and development to produce the optimal formwork product which ticked all his mandatory boxes – safer, faster, more efficient, easier to clean, better value and more convenient.  All raw materials used to make EzyForm are also produced here in Australia.



Features & Benefits

Long lasting


Easy to clean


Saves time



Quality finish


Cost savings






Environmentally friendly




Water resistant


Withstand deformation

Low maintenance



Transport & storage




Australian made


Indefinite usage 


Made in high-vis so easy to see


Minimal cleaning required



Lightweight, easy to carry and easy to set up


Made from PVC plastic, flexible and easy to form into tricky angles


Creates smoother, cleaner edges delivering a superior finish


Smart long-term investment, spend less on formwork as one set can be reused again and again


Order online, have it delivered to your door



Reusable and recyclable



Tough and durable with a smooth



Retains its current state


5.4 metre lengths


Retains its current form when 

stacked flat


Easy to use, clean and store


Rigid enough that it retains its  shape even after being wet


Easy to handle and stack. It's light weight form allows you to carry more and get the job done faster and equates to happier staff!


Yes – EzyForm and all raw materials are Australian made.













Traditional Formwork

3-4 uses on average


Tripping hazard, hard to see


Messy, fiddly, arduous and once wet, it swells


Heavy to lift and carry especially if wet


Made from timber, restrictive and inflexible

Becomes unreliable, rough finish



Restrictive use needing frequent replacement.


Need to order and collect in person from timber yard after hand selecting specific straight lengths.


Limited shelf life, supports logging and deforestation.


Porous and prone to rot, splitting and chipping.


Absorbs and swells


Length is approximate


Natural deterioration


Heavy and difficult to clean 


Swells, twists and deforms easily.

Splintered timber becomes porous


Heavy to lift and store especially when wet. Splinters make it harder to handle.  Equals unhappy or injured staff!


Unknown origins – could be local timber or foreign.














Indefinite usage 

The EzyForm you use today can still be used in 20 years’ time.  EzyForm is 100% reusable and recyclable, with significantly greater life expectancy traditional timber formwork.


Long lasting

Unlike timber formwork which rots, chips and swells, EzyForm is long-lasting and cleans up easily between jobs so that it can be used again and again.  


Safer with easy onsite identification 

All workers deserve access to a safe work environment, however there isn’t a concreter alive who hasn’t had a nasty fall tripping over the formwork.


Thankfully, EzyForm makes this a thing of the past.  Being high-vis, EzyForm is easy to see and therefore less likely to trip over. 


Easy to carry and lift

EzyForm is as light as PVC down pipe making it easy to load on to your ute and carry to and from the job, taking the back ache out of concreting.  And given that it doesn’t swell when wet like traditional timber formwork, it is a breeze to carry back to the ute after it is removed. 


Saves time

EzyForm is more efficient and saves you time.  A quarter of the weight of traditional formwork, you can easily carry 4-5 pieces at a time rather than making endless treks back to the truck for a single load. This alone will have you finished laying your formwork in well under half the time.


No messy cleaning

The last thing you want to do after a hard day’s work is scrape and clean the formwork.  The great news is EzyForm requires virtually no cleaning so there is no messy tidy up at the end of gruelling day’s work.


The PVC plastic means that the concrete simply wipes off.  No more hours spent tirelessly scrubbing your formwork, just a quick wipe and you are done. 


Easy installation

EzyForm is faster and easier to install, enhancing productivity and reducing formwork costs. Splintered and damaged timber means replacing damaged formwork, eating into the job time and your margins! 


More flexible

EzyForm is much more flexible than traditional timber formwork which is rigid and can restrict concreting access.  With EzyForm, the PVC plastic flexes with you, allowing concreters to bend formwork around tricky corners and angles.  


Being a consistent material, EzyForm creates a more even bend and spring back straight ready to be reused, unlike traditional timber which can no longer be used after it has been bent.


Smoother finish

The precision of the plastic and impervious surface means EzyForm creates cleaner, smoother edges for formwork. This, in turn, delivers a superior, consistent, quality non-sticking finish for all concreting work. 


Cost saving

Unlike traditional timber formwork which you have to replenish after several uses, EzyForm can be reused many times and recycled.  Add in the cost savings delivered by greater efficiencies and time savings, and EzyForm is a no-brainer investment for any concreter. 


Timber is porous and splits easily requiring continuous replacement, whilst also swelling and becoming heavier once wet.  This is costly to concreters who often find the traditional timber formwork breaks easily as you strip it away from your concrete slab meaning you need to replace the timber formwork.



Order your EzyForm formwork online and have it delivered direct to you, alternatively you can pick it up in person from our Campbellfield office.  No more trips to the timberyard working out measurements – just order online at the click of the mouse and conveniently select whether you will pick it up or have it delivered.


EzyForm is also a consistent material, meaning no more hours at the timberyard hand selecting the straightest sections of wood suitable for timber formwork.


Environmentally friendly

EzyForm is more environmentally friendly than traditional timber formwork.  Rather than chopping down endless trees for formwork that has a limited shelf life, EzyForm is reusable so that you can use it again and again.  If and when the time finally comes to replace your EzyForm, the PVC plastic used is completely recyclable.


Durable and reusable

Incredibly durable, EzyForm can withstand the toughest of conditions and spring back to life as good as new. EzyForm won’t let you down. Thanks to EzyForm’s durability and reusability, it is a much more economical and smarter choice.


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*EzyForm is sold in 5.4 metre lengths at $100 per length + GST plus Freight.

*Please contact us via email for shipping options and also for all orders over 100 lengths - admin@ezyform.net.au




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